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TLE Series UPS
Efficient, Clean & Reliable Power - 100% reliable, 99% efficient
UPS in a Data Center

TLE Series UPS

TLE Series UPS

Efficient, Clean & Reliable Power - 100% reliable, 99% efficient
TLE Series UPS

The new TLE Series UPS (160 to 1500 kW) is an innovative UPS combining high reliability, high efficiency and high power. The perfect blend of smart software, diagnostics and real-time multi-mode energy savings.


Technology at Its Best

  • Highly reliable and efficient tri-level conversion
  • Automatic or manual multi-mode operation


"Best of Both Worlds" Operating Efficiency

  • Up to 97% premium protection mode (double conversion)
  • Up to 99% premium efficiency mode (filtered eBoost)


Electrical Environment Optimization

  • Unity (1.0) Output Power Factor
  • High (0.99) Input Power Factor
  • Less than 5% Input Current Harmonic Distortion


Physical Environment Optimization

  • Small footprint
  • Front access only design for maintenance
  • "Cable saver" design to allow +/- 25% differential of cable lengths between UPS modules and the output parallel bus​


High Reliability

Reliability is inherent in our UPS technology. Our customers want the highest level of reliability so we developed a redundant-parallel system, known as RPA (Redundant Parallel Architecture).

All the inverters equally share the load along with the bypass functions. Two or more equal power units can be paralleled to increase the output power (paralleling for capacity) or to improve the overall reliability of an UPS system (paralleling for n+1 redundancy). The outputs of parallel units are connected to a common power bus, and in normal operation the units connected on the parallel bus share the load equally. The modular concept of TLE Series allows parallel operation of up to 6 units, without using paralleling switchgear, external bypass circuits or common control circuitry.


High Efficiency

Energy consumption is a critical issue for IT organizations as their data center energy demands continue to grow. TLE series with ultra-high efficiency in double conversion mode provides significant life cycle cost savings for the data center industry.

GE's eBoost provides UPS modules with high efficiency and fast power transfers. It allows a bypass of the power conversion process under normal power system conditions, which in turn saves energy. This "multi-mode" energy efficient operating mode for UPS is included in the Green Grid Data Center Maturity Model as a recommendation for improving data center energy efficiency. 

High Efficiency TLE Series UPS Provides:

- Substantial reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
- Reduced energy loss minimizes air conditioning requirement
- Energy savings from reduced cooling

High Power

The TLE will be CE certified from 160 - 1.2 MW  and ETL certified from 250 - 1.5 MW. This product is optimized for an electrical environment with a Unity (1.0) Output Power Factor, High (0.99) Input Power Factor, and less than 5% Input Current Harmonic Distortion. With 250kVA power blocks, the system can be easily expanded for higher capacity and redundancy.