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Training - Electrical Distribution

Training - Electrical Distribution

Training - Electrical Distribution

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Learning Central
Learning Central is a one-stop shop for professional and technical skill development. Once you have created your Learning Central account, you will have access to these training areas:

Learning Central offers a wide variety of free eLearning courses that you can take online, including Circuit Breaker Basics, Value Selling, and Switchboard Basics.

GE Lighting and Electrical Institute
In Learning Central, you will be able to register for classroom instruction at the GE Lighting and Electrical Institute in Cleveland, Ohio, view course descriptions, download online course resources, and request necessary accommodations for during the training, when available.

See the list of conferences currently available

Continuing Education Program
The Continuing Education Program includes a wide variety of courses, and gives you an opportunity to earn CEUs and LEUs. These courses are set up by request. In Learning Central, you can view the course descriptions, initiate requests for the courses, and track your Personal Development Hours earned from them.