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Transformers - Secondary Substation
Ventilated Dry-Type

Ventilated Dry-Type

GE ventilated dry-type transformers are designed for indoor or outdoor applications in schools, hospitals, industrial plants, commercial buildings and anywhere that safe and dependable power are important considerations.

Features and Benefits

  • Standard Ratings: Full range from 500 to 10,000KVA. 
  • Primary voltage from 2.4 to 35kV
  • Round or rectangular, multi-conductor barrel or sheet conductor windings.
  • Mitered and step-lap construction cores.
  • Full capacity taps on high voltage windings to provide means for variations for incoming voltage.
  • 220C insulation systems that provide fire resistant, high dielectric capability.
  • Lowest first-cost industrial transformer technology available.
  • Low total ownership costs.
  • Weighes less then other transformer technologies of similar ratings.
  • Indoor installations do not require a liquid confinement area, automatic fire extinguishing system or fire vault which may be associated with liquid-filled transformers.