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Switchgear - Medium Voltage
PV System 27/38 Metal Enclosed Switchgear

PV System 27/38 Metal Enclosed Switchgear

PV System 27/38 delivers advanced vacuum circuit breaker technology and uncompromising attention to every detail - top to bottom, inside and out. You receive superior performance and functional simplicity.


The metal-clad compartment construction protects via grounded compartments, conductor insulation and live part shielding. When breakers are moved to the test position, grounded aluminum shutters automatically cover both line and load stabs. Each circuit breaker cell features closed-door racking, closed door mechanical trip and lockout features.


The silver-plated tubular copper main bus features fully rated epoxy insulation, and bolted joints use fully qualified vinyl cover boots. Main bus support comes from cycloaliphatic epoxy insulators. Custom designed clamping type stand-off insulators are molded of urethane for tubular bus support. A continuous silver plated copper ground bus runs the entire length of the assembly. To enhance safety, it can carry the rated short circuit current of the installed circuit breakers for 2 seconds.

PV System 27/38 Medium Voltage Metal Clad (PV)


The structure allows trouble-free installation and operation. Rear compartment doors simplify installation and inspection. There is ample cable space for either top or bottom entry, and rear terminal areas are customized as needed. Vertical structures can be added later at either end.

Features and Benefits

  • PV System 27/38 circuit breakers are powerful, user friendly and reliable. Controls and indicators are clearly identified, and the main springs can be charged from the front as well. True closed-door racking adds a layer of protection.
  • Hipoxy 2000® bus insulation delivers high electrical characteristics, and it will not chip, crack or flake.
  • The voltage transformer drawout assembly provides a positive internal ground in the disconnected position. Interlocks and an insulated automatic shutter assembly further enhance safety.
  • A 24-point, front-connected umbilical cord between the breaker and the cubicle forms a secondary control interface that allows both external testing of the control circuitry and positive visual indication of proper connection.
  • A patented, low-impact mechanism precisely manages the delivery of operating speed and force. Front accessibility simplifies inspections, while fewer moving parts minimize maintenance and maximize reliability.
  • Generous panel space and auxiliary compartments accommodate protective relays, meters and instruments.
  • Surrounding the vacuum interrupter on three sides, a housing (which doubles as a phase insulator) makes removal and inspection fast and simple.
  • Fully tested to all applicable ANSI, IEEE and NEMA standards.