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QMW/QMR Premium & Heavy Duty

QMW/QMR Premium & Heavy Duty

Features and Benefits

  • These 30-600 ampere disconnect switches are complete with Class H fuse clips, except where noted, line/load lugs and handle operators, all factory assembled, and are mounted on a heavy-gauge steel backplate. They are listed in the Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. "Recognized Component Index (WHTY2), and are described in File E36152."
  • The 30-200 ampere fusible switches are UL recognized for use on circuits capable of delivering not more than 200,000 RMS symmetrical amperes at 240 or 600 volts ac when fused with Class R rated size fuses. Refer to the table below for the appropriate Cl
  • QMR and QMW switches (30-200 amperes), fuse and no fuse kits are UL Recognized Components, File E36152, and UL Recognized to Canadian safety requirements under the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.