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IEC Non-Fusible

IEC Non-Fusible

Non-fusible DILOS IEC disconnect switches are designed principally for use in group mounting configurations with other DIN-rail mounted devices, although they can also be individually mounted. They have the same escutcheon configuration as GE V-Line miniature circuit breakers, allowing for common trim cutout and layout, and have a standard integrally mounted ON/OFF handle.


DILOS disconnect switches are ideal for customer applications where shallow depth is a major concern, such as in cabinets with a high proportion of door-mounted devices. A rotary, piston-grip handle is optionally available for through-door operation. DILOS disconnect switches are available in 30, 60 and 80 amperes (DILOS 1), and 100 and 125 amperes (DILOS 2).


Typical applications for DILOS include use as motor and control circuit disconnects.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible DIN-rail or screw mounting
  • Visible contact indication for safe operation
  • Common height and escutcheon dimensions simplify panel layout
  • Integral, captive terminal clamps
  • Padlocable OFF handle accepts upto three padlocks (5/16 "- 8 mm diameter)
  • NEMA 1/12 operating handles in either black or red/yellow
  • Telescoping handle extension shaft simplifies installation
  • High mechanical endurance
  • Easily-installable 1- or 2-pole auxiliary switches (up to 4 NO/NC contacts)
  • Accessories: inbus key; packlocking device; operating handle kits with either black or red/yellow handles; auxiliary switches