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IEC Disconnect

IEC Disconnect

GE ML Disconnects are a turn for the better because they eliminate all the unnecessary complexion in selection, ordering and application.


The ML disconnects are UL508 manually operated horse power rated IEC disconnect switches available in 5 amperage frames from 25A through 125A. Mounting options include front (flush) mounting, either central or 4 hole, and rear mounting - on a panel or DIN rail, with or without a hinged door. Switches may be ordered as open or enclosed (3 through 6 pole with or without 1 NO/1NC auxillary contacts).


Emergency Stop switches with Undervoltage Release are available as a part of the line and automatically open as the voltage falls between 35% to 75% of normal. The switch will prevent automatic restarting of the equipment in the event power is restored and, the switch can not be turned on in the absence of coil voltage, even when the switch actuator is operated.Accessories include: extension shafts, shaft supports and a variety of side mounted contact blocks (neutral, PE and auxiliary).


ML Disconnects

Features and Benefits

  • A single catalog number provides the desired switch, handle and terminal cover.
  • 5 mounting options: Front (Tooless central and 4 hole), Rear (DIN, Door Coupling and Cover Coupling)
  • Multiple handles.  3 types of handles (lockable rotary, lockable lever and non lockable lever) handles and shafts; auxiliary switches; auxiliary switch terminal shields