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FD1 IEC Fusible

FD1 IEC Fusible

Fusible FD1 IEC disconnect switches are intended principally for use in stand-alone applications, such as main service disconnects, combination starters, and other individually protected circuits. Top mounted fuse design achieves a minimal footprint. Configured for UL CC and J, and CSA fuses, they are available in 30A through 200A sizes.DTypical applications for FDI include combination starters, pump control panels, service entrance panels, custom control panels and motor control panels.

Features and Benefits

  • Top-mount fusing for optimal space usage
  • Integral fuse pullers for easy fuse replacement
  • Visible contact indication for safe operation
  • Positive ON/OFF and 1/0 indication
  • Integral, captive terminal clamps
  • Multi-application NEMA 1/12/4/4x (IP65) operating handles in either black or red/yellow
  • Padlocable ON/OFF handle accepts upto three padlocks (5/16 "- 8 mm diameter)
  • 100kA short circuit withstand ( 30A with class CC, J, CSA fuses; 60A with class J)
  • High mechanical endurance
  • ability to easily install upto 4 auxiliary switcher on each disconnect switch (maximum of 4 NO/NC contacts)
  • Accessories: fuse covers; terminal shields ( 1 provided with each switch); shorting links; operating handles and shafts; auxiliary switches; auxiliary switch terminal shields