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Switchboards - Group Mounted - Spectra* Series Integrated Switchboard

Spectra* Series Integrated Switchboard

Integrated Switchboard Solutions
Save Yourself...
Time, Money, Space, Labor Headaches

GE's NEW Integrated Switchboard (ISB) provides a flexible and centralized system of protection by combining electrical room equipment and components into a single compact, interwired solution. The result saves in two critical areas - labor on installation and building space. Learn more about the NEW GE Integrated Switchboard solution for your next project! 

The GE Integrated Switchboard Savings Calculator can help you compare the costs of a conventional electrical room with an Integrated Switchboard room.


Whether you're a contractor or a building owner you'll appreciate the advantages of a compact package, a fast, easy installation and saving space that can be used for more profitable purposes or to move additional equipment into the electrical room's controlled environment.



The following diagrams clearly illustrate the differences between a traditional layout and an integrated solution from GE.


Diagram of conventional electric room
In a conventional layout, each piece − transformers, power and lighting panels, lighting contactors are installed separately, eating up a whole lot of time, labor, and wall and floor space.
GE Integrated Switchboard Solution
The GE integrated switchboard does everything separate pieces do, in a fraction of the space. Taking up only half as much space, this frees up real estate for better, more profitable uses. Taking only a fraction of the time, it also frees up contractors/installers so they can move on to the next job.


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