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Switchboards - Individually Mounted - AV-3 & PBII Switchboard

AV-3 & PBII Switchboard

GE's industrial-duty switchboard product lines Power Break® II and AV-3 Access*---feature individually-mounted breaker compartments for GE's complete product family of breakers.


Power Break II (PB) switchboards can house insulated case circuit breakers as mains, ties, and feeders; and low voltage power circuit breakers as mains and ties. AV-3 Access (AV3) provides individual compartments for molded case breakers serving as mains, ties, or feeders.


Both switchboards lines offer an outstanding cost effective, alternative to the more robust switchgear constructions. GE Switchboards feature:

  • Rugged construction - Specially designed bus structure enabling them to withstand the damaging effects of a short circuit for at least 30 cycles - a feature normally found only in switchgear.
  • Fast cycle times - GE has some of the fastest switchboard manufacturing cycle times in the industry.
  • Broad Functionality - Similar overall functionality to comparable ANSI-rated switchgear.
  • Multiple locations - GE has factories and Assembly Centers distributed throughout the world.
  • Cost effective design - GE Switchboard's save you money as functional alternative to switchgear.


Both switchboard product lines feature protective devices that can be provided with communications capability for connection to GE's Power Management Control System. Both switchboard lines also feature simple designs that allow for rapid field modification and maintenance - a must for use in applications where system downtime is absolutely unacceptable.


  • Critical power facilities
  • Medium to large commercial & industrial applications

Product Scope

  • PB and AV3 switchboards are available with main bus ratings from 1600 to 6000 amps
  • Main breakers rated up to 5000 amps, 600Vac, 200 kA symmetrical short circuit maximum 50/60 Hz
  • Designed, built, and tested in accordance with NEMA PB-2, and listed under UL-891

Features and Benefits

  • Individual breaker compartments, including 100% rated molded case breakers
  • Rear cable compartment
  • Trip unit display through the breaker escutcheon with metering and trip information
  • Industry-exclusive 30-cycle short circuit withstand bus rating up to 85kA
  • Standard tin-plated copper main bus
  • Standard full-height 2000 amp silver-plated copper vertical bus in AV3
  • Compact, modular design allowing 6-high breaker stacks in most cases
  • Optional epoxy-coated, insulated/isolated bus with rear and side barriers
  • Two choices of solid-state trips with function and cost variability for most molded case, all insulated case and power circuit breakers:
      - MicroVersaTrip* Plus with full range of overcurrent and ground-fault protective functions.
      - MicroVersaTrip* PM with advanced metering, communications and protective relaying options.
  • GE design approach also facilitates field reconfiguration
  • Flexibility, reliability, simplicity and safety
  • Coordinated to GE sub assemblies
  • Cycle time to support your needs