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Static Transfer Switches
GE Zenith STS-1 Series, Single Phase, 25-85Amp

GE Zenith* STS-1 Series, Single Phase, 25-85Amp

GE Critical Power is a supplier of static transfer switches to a wide range of industries. The GE Zenith STS-1 Series static transfer switch supplies critical loads with a choice between two available sources of electrical power. By continually monitoring power quality, the STS-1 switch automatically transfers to an alternate source without interruption of power to even your most sensitive critical loads. With a sense and transfer time of less than 6ms, the STS-1 represents the highest performance power switching solution available.


Wide Product Offer Range

  • 25 thru 85Amp
  • 120, 208, 240VAC


  • Source Default Select option enables manual selection to determine which source the switch will normally run on if both sources are present.
  • Solid state SCR’s are connected in bridge configuration, effectively doubling their voltage rating. SCR’s switch without arcing, voltage, transients or significant current surges.
  • LEDs are provided to indicate source and transfer logic status  for remote indication.
  • No Load Transfer Inhibit feature that prevents unsequenced transfers if the load-sensing interlock is not maintained.
  • Surge & noise suppressors installed across AC inputs. RFI-filtered redundant logic power supplies
  • Manual Transfer feature


  • Transfers load between the preferred and alternate sources  regardless of phase relationship
  • Restores voltage fast enough to perform a seamless transfer while preventing load malfunction
  • Performs transfer efficiently without causing arcing, contact, bounce, or abnormal current transients
  • Virtually eliminates contact wear and maintenance
  • Connects electrical loads to virtually any existing AC sine wave source