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NEMA Starter - CR340/CR341 Full Voltage Pumping Panels

CR340/CR341 Full Voltage Pumping Panels

The GE pumping plant panels are specifically designed for outdoor installation. They provide full-voltage control of squirrel-cage pump motors. Overload, undervoltage and short-circuit protection is included as standard.


GE alternator and duplex pump panels are designed to control two motor driven pumps on a single system. They automatically alternate motor operation under normal demand. Both pumps operate when additional capacity is necessary.


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Features and Benefits

  • Flange-mounted weather protected NEMA type 4x H-O-A and start push button for dependable operation 
  • Panel mounted grounding Lug to meet service entrance requirements. 
  • Outdoor, rainproof gasketed heavy guage steel enclosure to resist dust rain and snow.
  • Tough electro coated acrylic primer and polyester power paint finish to provide protection in the harshest outdoor environments.