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NEMA Starter - CR330/CR331/CR332 Electro-mechanical Reduced Voltage Starters

CR330/CR331/CR332 Electro-mechanical Reduced Voltage Starters

GE offers a wide variety of electro-mechanical reduced voltage starting methods. These include the CR330 series part winding starters, the CR331 automated type and the CR333 series Wye-Delta magnetic starters.


Users of squirrel cage motors face a variety of application issues that make some form of reduced current or reduced shock loading starters necessary especially with larger motors. GE's line of reduced voltage electro-mechanical starters will fulfil this need.


Part windings and Wye-delta forms require specially wound motors that essentially employ a winding for starting and another for running. The starter performs the switching function to reconnect the motor winding. The autotransformer starter uses a 3 leg transformer to reduce the voltage during startintg and reconnects the motor to full voltage during running. Taps may be set to match the application.

Features and Benefits

  • NEMA rated for customer acceptance
  • Closed transition eliminates switching transients during transition from starting to run conditions
  • Full range of sizes available makes the right starter readily available
    • Part Winding (CR330) NEMA size 1PW through size 8PW - 15 to 1400HP@460V
    • Autotransformer (CR331) NEMA size2 through size 9 - 15 to 1500HP@460V
    • Wye Delta (CR332) NEMA S1YD-15 to 1500HP@460V
  • Open Transition forms available for lower lower cost where transients can be tolerated
  • Three-phase autotransformer (CR331) for balanced starting currents
  • Pneumatic industrial grade timers for simple accurate transition timing
  • Enclosed offering for customer conveniance NEMA Type 1,12,3R and 4
  • Open baseplate forms for retrofit and use in customer enclosures
  • Combination starter forms available for complete protection