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Relays & Timers - Control - NEMA
CR120 Industrial Control

CR120 Industrial Control

GE's full line of industrial relays includes two-through 12-pole configurations for applications up to 600 volts and comprises mechanical latched, self-checking, solid-state or pneumatic timing options.


CR120K Hi-fidelity relays are ideal for materials processing, materials handling, elevator control, metalworking, and electronic equipment. They can be used whenever coil voltages from 6- to 250-volts AC or DC are required.

Features and Benefits

  • Bifurcated contacts - assure positive make at all voltages and give excellent fidelity even in harsh environments.
  • Transparent Lexan** contact cartridges - allows inspection of contacts.
  • Convertible contacts - allows conversion from normally open to normally close, or vice versa.
  • Quick-change coil - can be changed without removing any screws.
  • Easy to Install - two-hole mounting, all unit same size, makes installation or conversion fast and easy.
  • Reliable operation - bifurcated contacts plus wipe, scrub action assures positive make.
  • Small size - occupies only 31/14 square inches of panel space, plug-in form five square inches. Relays form own wiring trough.