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Power Control Rooms

Power Control Rooms

Power Control Rooms are designed and built to withstand the most challenging environments. Our unique interlocking panel concept provides exceptional protection against the elements, exceptional structural strength and minimum weight. Exterior panels are constructed of galvanized steel and finished with an electrostatic powdercoat paint, resulting in exceptional corrosion resistance in the field.






In many cases, Power Control Rooms (PCRs**) are the only logical approach to specifying and installing electrical distribution equipment. Compared to site-built alternatives, PCRs offer:
 - greater cost efficiency
 - integrated design, construction and installation
 - factory-built quality control
 - complete testing and inspection
 - reduced construction and installation hassles

Sacrifice nothing for this simplicity and efficiency. You specify what you need and we build, deliver and install exactly that. 


Features and Benefits

 - Arctic and desert applications
 - High wind loading design
 - Earthquake resistant for high seismic areas
 - Spreader bars with slings for lifting
 - Stairways, walkways and ladders
 - Top lifting provisions
 - Future expansion both ends
 - Two story design
 - Front and rear aisle space
 - Central power size and source
 - Sloped or peak roof
 - Multiple piece shipments for very large designs

 - Special sizes
 - Rain shields
 - Closures and stops
 - Panic style hardware
 - Gasketed and hinged external access doors

 - Double flooring for walkways
 - Removable floor access plates 1/8", 3/16", or 1/4" thicknesses
 - Non-skid epoxy finish
 - Electrical-grade rubber aisle matting
 - Tile or other special floor coverings

 - Special finishes
 - Aluminum exterior panels
 - Anti-galvanic corrosion protection
 - Anti-electrolytic coupling protection
 - Choice of colors

 - Insulated or non-insulated
 - Skirt around base
 - Undercoated for corrosion resistance

 - Wall mounted
 - Roof mounted
 - Chilled water

 - Space heaters
 - Equipment heaters
 - Combination units

 - Wall ventilation
 - Filtered ventilation
 - Internal pressurization with stack

 - Interior lighting for hazardous areas
 - Emergency
 - Exterior lighting

 - Cable tray systems
 - Bulkheads for conduit entry and exit
 - Bus ducts for transformer or equipment connections
 - Integral copper ground bus
 - Wireway

Safety and security features
 - Gas detectors
 - Fire and gas extinguishing systems
 - Safety locks
 - Emergency showers and eyewashes
 - Alarm on loss of pressure

Special services
 - Custom witness-functional testing
 - Export preparation, documentation, and permits

PCR is a registered trademark of Powell Industries