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Low Voltage AC Drives - AF-6 Series MultiPulse Drive Panel

AF-6 Series MultiPulse Drive Panel

The AF-6 Series MultiPulse Drive Panel is a complete panel solution that can meet IEEE-519 recommendations. These panels include a phase shift transformer and additional line rectifiers to cancel harmonics reflected back to the incoming power line. Both the AF-600 FP Fan & Pump and AF-650 GP General Purpose drives are available along with a variety of control, network and bypass options. Put to rest concerns about power quality and electrical systems with excessive line distortion, created by non-linear loads like variable speed drives, by using GE AF-6 Series MultiPulse Drive Panels.


Please note, because so many things affect a site's power distribution quality, IEE519-1992 allows for variations in the level of harmonics a device may generate. Customers concerned with the actual level of harmonics on their system should have a system study performed by GE Energy Connections and select the product that best meets their needs - GE MultiPulse Drive Panels, GE Drive Panels with Matrix filters, GE Drive Panels with reactors, or externally mounted GE Matrix or GEMActive products.

Features and Benefits

  • Power Ratings
        -   208/230VAC, 460VAC and 575VAC offerings
        -   25-1000HP (at 460VAC)
        -   Available in AF-650 GP (constant torque) or AF-600 FP (variable torque) drives
        -   Available with 12 pulse, 18 pulse or 24 pulse front end configurations


  • Enclosures available
        -   NEMA Type 1
        -   NEMA Type 12
        -   NEMA Type 3R
        -   NEMA Type 4/4X


  • Panel Configurations
        -  Non-bypass
        -  Drive with 2 Contactor Bypass
        -  Drive with 3 Contactor Bypass
        -  Drive with Soft Starter Bypass


  • Disconnect Means
        -  Fused Disconnect
        -  Circuit Breaker


  • Communication Options
        -  DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU,Profibus DP, and Profinet
           (available with AF-600 FP or AF-650 GP)
        -  Apogee FLN P1, BACnet, LonWorks, Metasys N2 (only available with AF-600 FP)


  • Control Options
        -  Consult GE for more information


  • Standards and Approvals
        -  UL and cUL
        -  UL508A Enclosed Industrial Controls
        -  Optional IBC 2009 Seismic