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Contactors - CR160 Lighting Contactor

CR160 Lighting Contactor

The CR160MC mechanically held lighting contactors are designed for control of lighting loads such as tungsten, fluorescent, mercury, and sodium, as well as for general non-inductive loads. The shallow-type design makes these contactors particularly adaptable for wall-cavity mounting applications. The silver cadmium oxide main contacts and silver tungsten arcing contacts give the devices capability of handling a wide variety of lighting loads. Built-in clearing interlocks allow control from either momentary or maintained pilot devices.

Features and Benefits

  • 30A - 225A, 2 or 3 pole
  • Can be mounted in enclosures that fit six-inch thick walls.
  • Front connected-for convenient wiring.
  • Manually operated-by screwdriver or similar tool which reduces chances of tampering.
  • Direct bus-mounted forms-for space savings, reduced mounting and wiring costs.