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Record Plus*

Record Plus*

A New Standard in Molded Case Circuit Breaker Performance

Record Plus molded case circuit breakers offer a new standard of performance: Available up to 600A with interruption capacities up to 200kAIC, global approvals, compact size, dual AC/DC ratings, common internal accessories and a broad range of improved external accessories.

FC100 - Thermal Magnetic Trip
This 100A breaker has exceptionally high ratings (150kA @ 480V) in a small compact 3" wide frame. This is a breakthrough product that will enable smaller, more efficient designs for our customers.



FB100 - Thermal Magnetic Trip
The FB100 molded case circuit breakers have the same features as the FC100 circuit breakers with 1 3/8" pole spacing for easy integration into equipment.


FE250 - Electronic Trip
This 250A breaker provides up to 100kAIC @ 480VAC in 2 and 3 pole designs. It requires a 1 3/8" pole spacing.


FG600 - Electronic Trip
This 600A breaker offers the highest short circuit ratings in the industry at up to 200kAIC @ 480V, all in a traditional 400A frame.


Record Plus Circuit Breakers with PremEon S Trip Unit

Features and Benefits

  • High interrupt ratings for the expanding available short circuit currents associated with networked transformers.
  • Thermal magnetic and electronic trip for broad applications
  • Adjustable dial to set Amp rating on PremEon S trip unit
  • Large range of rating plug sizes for SMR2 trip units to provide design flexibility
  • Compact size for easy integration into switchboard and power panels
  • Consistent white finish across the range
  • Complete set of field installable accessories
  • Tested to exceed UL requirements of 8000 operations
  • Meets UL/cUL 489, IEC 947-2 and is CE Marked - a Truly Global Breaker


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