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Seismic Rating Information
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GE Seismic Test Qualification Reports

IBC-2012 Certifications


To get product specific information, see below:

product   certification    application  Seismic label drawing #
Busway - Spectra 
Spectra Series Busway
Certification Letter OSHPD Application 10096046  
Controls - Enclosed
Enclosed Non-Combination Starters, Combination Starters, Lighting Contactors,
Pump Panels, and RV Starters
Certification Letter OSHPD Application 55-217714
LIS Switchgear
BreakMaster Load Interrupter Switches
Certification Letter OSHPD Application 10095799P1
Motor Control Centers - Low Voltage
Spectra and Evolution 
Certification Letter OSHPD Application 10095799P3
Motor Control Centers - Medium Voltage
Limit Amp Motor Control Centers
Certification Letter OSHPD Application 10095799P2
A-Series Lighting Panelboards, Spectra, 
Integrated Submetering, & Gentower 
Certification Letter OSHPD Application 10095799P4 (Spectra)
10081730P3 (Lighting)
Safety Switches
Spec Setter Safety Switches
Certification Letter  OSHPD Application  
Switchboards - Low Voltage
Spectra & Jiffy, Integrated, GenTower, Evolution & Commercial 
Metering Switchboards
Certification Letter OSHPD Application 10095799P5&P6
Switchgear - Low Voltage
AKD-10, AKD-20, Entellisys Low Voltage Switchgear and Powerbreak II & AV3
Certification Letter OSHPD Application  
Transformers - Low Voltage
QL & TransforMore Series Transformers, QB, IP and QMS Series Transformers
Certification Letter OSHPD Application 303B857AAP001




For all products, see the IBC-2009 certification letter:    IBC-2009 Certification Letter


To view the IBC-2006 certificate, click on the product description:

Description Pub. No.
AQ- and AL- Type A-Series Lighting Panels E-DET-465A
AE-Type A-Series Lighting Panels E-DET-466A
AD-Type A-Series Lighting Panels E-DET-467A
AKD-20 Low Voltage Switchgear E-DET-717
AKD-10 Low Voltage Switchgear E-DET-468A
BreakMaster Load Interrupter Switches E-DET-469A
Enclosed Drives E-DET-716
Entellisys Low Voltage Switchgear E-DET-470A
Evolution Motor Control Centers E-DET-471A
Limit Amp Motor Control Centers E-DET-472A
Integrated Switchboards E-DET-718
PowerBreak II Switchboards E-DET-473A
PowerVac Medium Voltage Distribution Breakers E-DET-474A
GE Power/Vac Medium Voltage Switchgear E-DET-475A
Spectra Series Busway E-DET-476A
Spectra Series Power Panelboards E-DET-477A
Spectra & Jiffy Series Switchboards E-DET-478A
QL & TransforMore Series Transformers E-DET-479A
QB, IP and QMS Series Transformers E-DET-480A
GE Zenith Transfer Switches DET-542
Types TG, TH, TC and TS Safety Switches (IBC-2012) DET-789