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AF-6 Series Drives
Built-in Features. Built-in Simplicity.
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AF-6 Series Drives [FR]

AF-6 Series Drives [FR]

Built-in Features. Built-in Simplicity.
AF-6 Drives
All Low Voltage Drives


Built-In Features. Built-In Simplicity.
AF-6 Series drives range from 1/3 to 1350 HP, each in a compact package, each with a host of built-in features that heighten performance, reduce energy consumption, simplify installation and eliminate the need for many costly add-ons. With the AF-6 Series, you get a drive already in tune with your application, in the most cost-efficient and space-efficient manner possible.
A product of ecomagination:  AF-6 Series drives have been certified as a product of ecomagination. This means that they have met rigorous criteria for improving both value and environmental performance for GE customers.   Learn more.

Reliability and Quality

Built-In Features Lower Your Total Cost
So much is already built in to AF-6 Series drives, you'll need fewer add-ons. Discover how fast installation can be and realize a lower total cost.
A Comprehensive Product Line
GE AF-6 Series Drives have wide horsepower and voltage ratings to meet your application needs.

A Comprehensive Product Line

GE Drives Save Time & Cost

  • Quick Menu
    Set-up drives inless than 5 minutes.
  • Built-in Logic Controller
    Can save up to $200 by eliminating need for a separate PLC & programming time.
  • Built-in process PID Controller
    Can eliminate the need for a separate process controller.
  • Auto-Tuning
    Improves motor performance & reliability and reduces set-up time.
  • Built-in Communication Networks
    Modbus RTU, Metasys N2 and Apogee FLN P1 standard on the AF-600 FP drives.
  • Hot Pluggable Keypad
    Save time by setting up one drive and copying settings to other drives, even with different HP.
  • Built in RFI Filter
    No need to install separately which saves $50-200.
  • Built in DC Link Reactors
    Ensures very low harmonic disturbance. No need to install separately.
  • Built-in Fan & Pump Macros
    Reduced the set-up time on the AF-600 FP drive.
  • Built in Brake Chopper
    This option eliminates a separately mounted dynamic brake unit.


Intuitive Keypad
Simplifies the set up process with a simple user-interface for all drives.

  • The Info key provides full text information to make programming easier.***
  • In most cases, start-up can be completed in less than 5 minutes - saving you valuable time.
  • The Quick Menu provides easy access to all the basic settings and the controller.
  • Set-up one drive and then copy settings to other drives using the hot pluggable feature, eliminating the need for duplicate programming.
  • Other features include:
    - Illuminated LCD display
    - Parameters, units and their values
    - Rotation direction indication
    - Setup indication
    - Custom user displays
    - Trended charts display speed, torque, current***
    - Full alarm message and descriptions***

*** Excluding AF-60 LP


Designed to Save You Time
Simplifies the installation and set-up process. Install and set-up the drive in minutes.

Simplifies the installation and set-up process. Install and set-up the drive in minutes.

Option: DIN rail mounting kit for AF-60 LP at 3HP and below.


Compact Design
GE Drives reduce the panel space requirement. 

Simplifies the installation and set-up process. Install and set-up the drive in minutes.


Easy Access to Technical Support

Real-Time Information, Real-People Support
Whether it's on the web, on your own computer or on the phone, getting transactional answers, product information and technical support from GE is easy and sure.
Technical Support Team
A team of technical support people provide answers to your questions regarding new products, replacement selection for obsolete components, renewal parts, and documentation support. Simply call 1-800-GE-1-STOP.
For help, please contact your GE account manager.
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From pre-sales design to post sales support.
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Accurate, On-Time Deliveries

What You Want, When You Want It
GE knows that you often can't wait - not for products, responses or order information. GE helps you get down to business, now!
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