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GE Emergency Response
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GE Emergency Response

NOTE: The GE Emergency Response Team is not currently activated.  The normal hours of our Customer Service team are Monday - Friday, 8 am – 7 pm EST.  When an emergency situation occurs, we will activate our emergency response team and update this page with local contact information.


To Our Customers:


While no one can fully anticipate the timing, location or impact of natural disasters we are doing everything we can in order to be prepared to serve you should the need arise. Rest assured we stand behind you ready to help in any way that we can.


This website was created to provide easy and quick access to reference materials about coping with electrical product issues during natural disasters and resources for assistance.


We have pulled together an emergency response team of people prepared to work around the clock to serve you. The program includes the following elements:


  • In addition to your local sales representatives, our Customer Service team has the capability to answer calls 24x7 and will add a “natural disaster” prompt within hours of an emergency situation that will direct impacted callers to a dedicated team.


  • We are reviewing inventory levels on key component items to ensure sufficient stock for expedited deliveries.


  • The factories are prepared to ramp up production on stock items that are typically ordered in your area as well as freeing up short cycle capacity for non-stock equipment items.


We hope that these combined efforts will help earn your confidence that should the need arise you can count on GE Energy.



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None available at this time.


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When you need help fast, one call puts you in touch with over 2000 field resources ready to serve you. GE provides comprehensive service solutions for your power, automation, and drives and controls systems.



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A NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) reference document


"How to protect yourself and others from electrical hazards following a natural disaster" A CDC (Center for Disease Control) reference document


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